Rodney Smith Consulting

I’m the CEO, founder and principal business coach/mentor of Rodney Smith Consulting specializing in client clarity, balance & performance. If you want to get crystal clear on who you are and the direction your life should take to achieve flow state, perform at ease and feel excited to face each day, then I can help you.

Using my system, I can help you:

  1. Gain inner-peace needed to overcome obstacles and turn them into opportunities/solutions.
  2. Live a fulfilled & happy life by understanding who you are, what you want & how to get there.
  3. Experience balance, flow state & achieve sustained high performance in all areas of your life.
  4. Make big decisions with centered focus, ease and conviction.
  5. Gain new levels of perspective, edge and achieve what you want.

If you’re tired of feeling overwhelmed, being pulled in all directions and trying to be successful at everything.  If you’re lacking fulfillment and meaningful success that is integrated to “who you are” and “what you want” & you want a solid strategy that re-aligns you to your authentic self/right direction, then get in touch:

Rodney Smith, can help you:

  • Gain Clarity – Who you are & What you want
  • Overcome obstacles/roadblocks
  • Live a meaningful, fulfilled & happy life
  • Achieve sustained high performance
  • Align focus to desired outcome
  • Achieve the results you want
  • Experience balance & flow state
  • Build solid Life & Business foundations

Recent Articles and Interviews

How to Overcome Everything Matters Equally

As a high achiever you may feel like the only sure way to be successful in life and achieving all of what you want is by doing everything well. This assumption, although it appears logical, is incorrect. In today’s world there are so many demands of daily living,...

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Did you lose yourself along the way?
Why Re-calibration might be the answer!

Many high achieversfeel as though the only way to be successful in life,and achieve what they want is by doing everything well. This conclusion, while seemingly obvious, in actuality couldn’t be further from the truth.

It’s a fact of life that mosthigh achievers have been taught early in school that to succeedand get ahead in life they had to work hard, get the highest grades and do their very best in all subjects and that would lead to success and rewards they deserved. After all, most everyone told them that if they worked hard and they pushed it all of a sudden they would obtain success for their family and their lives and they feel like they got lied to and life has let them down. As in many cases, high achievers replicate what they know and have learned from their past successes, or perceived beliefs of what it takes to get ahead, and therefore can easily fall into the trap of believing that ‘doing everything well’ is the only way to succeed and achieve the extraordinary results they desire. In fact, many high achievers have achieved levels of success by putting their head down, grinding and working hard to do everything well.

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Why high achievers need Calibration?

So high achievers, also known as 1 percenters, always give 100%. They are the reason why society works and without their drive, without their push, trust me, the world just wouldn’t operate. Yeah, sure a lot of people can go about their daily lives but without these highly successful, pushing, driving, make it happen people, the world just doesn’t happen.

Now, the problem with these people is they are workhorses who are willing to do all the work but they just want the reward they deserve, the reward they have gone out of their way to obtain. However, the problem

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